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The emergence of disruptive technologies that have totally transformed the business scenario in more than one ways. Appectual is taking efforts to use Virtual Reality to create a computer-generated environment that immerses the user into a 360-degree virtual world which will benefit the industry for the best vision and user experience.


virtual reality

The immersion of Virtual reality technology in app development is quite remarkable and so we try to make use of the same to develop IT solutions that gives a user a noble experience.

  • Lens distortion correction
  • Spatial audio
  • Head tracking
  • 3D calibration
  • Side-by-side rendering
  • Stereo geometry configuration
  • User input event handling



  • Through VR for education, the trainers are able to demonstrate practical processes to the employees. They can easily record the process at the beginning. Later they use this recorded version to train up the employees. At times, the trainers also conduct live seminars to provide fresh ideas to the employees


  • Think for Business on steroids. VR has the potential to bring digital workers together in digital meetings and conferences.Rather than merely seeing the other person on a screen, you’ll be able to feel as if you are in the same room with them, despite being miles away.
Virtual reality applications

virtual reality application


  • Workers won’t have to travel in order to make decisions and complete projects. VR also opens the door for a virtual marketplace, where shoppers can try on garments, and you can see what that Arabian rug will look like in your den.

Virtual showrooms

  • Manufacturers can use this technology to showcase their products in virtual showrooms. Not only does it help them deliver life-like user experiences but also saves space. E-commerce apps provide virtual try room experiences to enable shoppers to try on the garments or see how a piece of furniture would look in their room.

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