LMS is software that provides a virtual learning environment.

LMS is tool to empower your team members / Employees / Vendors / Suppliers / Students

An LMS facilitates authentication, enrolment and distribution of training materials.


User Friendly GUI

  • Widget based interface
  • Option to choose from predefined templates
  • User friendly navigation menu
  • Eye pleasing colors

Social Learning

  • Use of social tools for learning
  • Blog module
  • Use of Profile, Events, Calendar and Polls


  • Using gaming concept for learning
  • Virtual prizes for completing or progressing in particular courses


  • Automated notifications
  • Help desk
  • Ask an expert feature
  • System announcements

Fee Collection

  • Options to define and collect fee
  • Option to take full and part payments
  • Options for accepting cheques and keeping their details

E commerce

  • Inbuilt e-commerce engine with shopping cart
  • Options to define courses as “free” or “paid”
  • Accepts payments through PayPal, Net banking and Credit / Debit Cards


  • Assignments, Tests and surveys
  • Grading
  • Options to set time limit, attempt limit, compulsory question etc

User Management

  • Managing user profiles
  • Staff roles
  • Guest access
  • Assigning classes to learners


  • Registered learners for a particular online class
  • Assessment report for selected learner
  • List of online classes
  • Print Reports, e mail reports, export reports to MS Excel

Highly Customizable

  • Customizable login screen
  • Customizable registration pages
  • Brand name and / or logo in header, footer

Highly Secure

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Credential mapping
  • Access control

Highly Scalable

  • Multiple portals or licenses on single system
  • Customizable roles and levels of access
  • Nested groups



  • List of Course
  • Schedule
  • Progress Report
  • Registration Section

Student Catalogue

  • Student Home Page
  • Enrolled Course Detail
  • Fee Summary
  • Certificates


  • Assigning Resource to Learners
  • Check Instructors and LearnersActivities
  • Control Data
  • Manage Programs

Social Learning Tools

  • Profiles, Communities / Groups, Calendaring
  • Live Chat
  • Events, Announcements
  • Articles, Polls, Blogs
  • Pictures, Videos, Documents

Collaboration Tools

  • Chat
  • Discussion Forum
  • Plug ins

Online Tests and Assessments

  • Upload Question, Present Them Randomly
  • Set the Time Limit
  • Set the Marking Scheme, Negative Marking
  • Easy Navigation Among the Questions


Increase Productivity

  • Trained people do the same task in a more effective manner
  • Learning boost morale and high morale mean better productivity

Time Saving and Cost Effective

  • Save lots of precious time of learners and instructors
  • Reduces cost of training

Anywhere Anytime Access

  • Location independent
  • Accessible through mobile devices

Improve Employee Engagement

  • Engaged employee means productive employee
  • More engagement with social tools
  • Idea sharing

Facilitate Open Communication

  • Implements an Open Door Policy
  • Proper Feedbacks

Leverage Social Learning

  • Social learning tools leads to improved co-operation
  • Social learning results in increased team efforts

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